Vrijwillig gratis in het buitenland

What are the benefits of Volunteering in Costa Rica or Panama?

  • The perfect opportunity to practice the language in real situations.
  • Learn from and give back to the local community or universal ecology.
  • Strengthen your résumé by serving in an organization related to your field of study.

Volunteer part-time or full-time while you are taking Spanish classes! At all our locations you can volunteer abroad for free if you take Spanish classes or use our accommodations. In other cases we must charge a $50 set up fee.

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  • Lazy bear love
  • Volunteer for free in Bocas del Toro
  • Free volunteer opportunities in Bocas del Toro
  • Volunteer with Leatherback turtle.
  • Converse, preserve, and protect - Puerto Viejo

Centrum voor volwassenen met een beperking

Helping adults with a challenge can be an educational and rewarding activity!

Besides working on your (related) Spanish skills, you will also gain valuable insight into the unique healthcare and educational challenges facing Costa Rica and Panama. Furthermore you will also build connections with local professionals and work on improving your résumé.

Speech therapy, special education, social work, physical/exercise therapy and physical education are valuable skills for the local providers.

Especially for students that want to travel, learn Spanish ánd visit 4 of our amazing locations!

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Learn Spanish and have the time of your life in Panama and Costa Rica!

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