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Update Information about Travel to Costa Rica & Panama

We are fully aware of the COVID -19 situation and by no means want to rush in opening up our Locations. We will do so when we know that we can do this safely and while complying with the local regulations.


Situation: The 18th of March the Costarrican Government closed the international airports and that day most foreigners went home. That day also the first person died of the virus and today (14th of August) in total, 281 deaths have been counted.

Starting on August 1, Costarrican international airports opened to tourists from some countries; European Union (as well as Schengen Area), United Kingdom, and Canada. Only 5 flights will be allowed per week cause the aim is to  open tourism in a very controlled way. The government will continuously review current data abroad in order to update the list and allow more countries.

To enter, visitors will need to complete an online epidemiological form, present a negative COVID-19 test, and purchase specific travel insurance. For more specific and updated information about the measures and protocols to expect in Costa Rica, we refer to this website.

  • Beaches will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Surfing and other non-contact sports are permitted. Tourists  must always stay within their social bubble.
  • Tours that take place outdoors will be permitted when enjoyed in social bubbles.
  • National Parks



Business restrictions:  On May 11, the Panamanian government announced a gradual opening of economic activity from Wednesday May 13.  The opening takes place according to a roadmap with six blocks of different types of economic activities. Hostels are in block 4 and Education in block 5. Yesterday (the 25th of august) it has been announced that on the 12th of october, our block, the block that includes hostels and complementary services, can be opened starting the 12th of october!!

Airport: All international and domestic commercial passenger flights are suspended, untill September 22.



Meanwhile, make your reservation without the risk of loosing your money.

Reservations policy: So since April 2020 and for an indefinite time, you can make your reservation and receive a confirmation from us without any commitment. 2 weeks before arriving we will be in contact with you and decide on cancelling or confirming. You only need to pay $25 at that moment. Any national flights and transfers will also need to be paid but are not necessary (we will explain you how to travel by public transportation or make the reservations and payments for national transfers once here in the country). The rest you can pay when actually being in the country and starting the course!


Payment methods: Paypal, Tab.Travel or bank transfer.

Cancellation policy: in case of a cancellation within 2 weeks before starting the program, the only payment we can’t refund is the $25 Registration fee & all pick-ups, transfers, flights and shuttles.

Break-off policy: in case of a break off during a program that has already started, a Hope voucher will be issued for both accommodations, Spanish classes and other services like Dive- and Surf courses. This voucher will be valid during 24 months from the moment of starting the program and is also transferable to another person that had not yet made a reservation with us at the moment that you started your program.

Online Spanish classesCan't travel these days? Learn Spanish from home!

We offer online Spanish classes via  Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout and Zoom. Right now your online Spanish course can be scheduled 24/7.

  • Private and group lessons
  • With certified teachers with more than 10 years experience
  • Request your favorite teacher if you studied with us before!
  • Easy set up and payment via PayPal