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Camping at River Camp

Camping at “Gekui Pacuare River Camp” is at its best when it is part of a 2, 3 or 4 day rafting trip on the Pacuare. It can also be part of a hiking trip. Once at the campsite, you will live among the flora and fauna of this jungle paradise. You will sleep on elevated platforms that will put you in direct contact with the sights and sounds of the tropical rain forest. Candlelight family style dinners are a unique feature of your stay in our campsite.

  • Pacuare River rafting camp site
  • Gekui River Campsite
  • Rafting Pacuare River - Costa Rica
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  • Hiking to the River Pacuare - Costa Rica
  • Two day raft trip with side hikes - Pacuare
  • Dos Montañas en el Pacuare
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  • Gekui River Camp jungle kitchen
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  • Glamping in Gekui Pacuare River Camp
  • Gekui Pacuare River Camp tent on platform
  • People in Gekui River Camp - Costa Rica
  • Floating in Dos Montañas after day of rafting
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Locations for Camping at River Camp

Camping at River Camp in Turrialba

A two day raft and camp trip starts with rafting on day one, including lunch and a small hike next to the river. Once you arrive at the campsite, you will get settled, have happy hour and dinner. You will sleep in tents on platforms, wake up with the birds singing close to you, have breakfast and continue with the best part of the Pacuare River trip. If you stay more nights in the campsite, you can relax, swim in the river, hike to a waterfall or cross the river in a basket ferry that has been set up for the indigenous tribe that lives on the other side of the river.

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