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Our packages

With our countless choices, it can be hard to make decisions! Our mission is to simplify this process for you. 

We created a few packages that combine different services but of course length, activities and luxury levels can be changed according to your needs.

  • Our unique adventure package: the Travelling Spanish Classroom.
  • Combinations of Spanish classes & activities like surfing, diving and yoga.
  • Packages for special-interest groups, like families, teens and interns.



  • Level test at the end of the course in Turrialba
  • Spanish Learning for Family
  • Souvenir shopping in Casco Viejo - Panama
  • Welcome Talk each Sunday each School
  • Chocolate Workshop
  • Live Laugh Love
  • Night Life!
  • Salud!
  • Caribbean Cooking workshop
  • Explore the ancient cultures of Panama
  • Local Kuna arts and crafts
  • Adventure never stops with the Travelling Spanish Classroom!
  • Happy campers on San Blas
  • Learn to dance Salsa!
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In Germany, the institution of Bildungsurlaub allows employees from any sector to receive up to an extra 5 days of educational leave that are to be used for professional advanced training.

Language courses like we offer at Spanish at Locations have become a popular option for Bildungsurlaub as it allows workers to travel and advance their foreign language skills abroad.  This program is only acknowledged by the German states for the Intensive Spanish Course, requiring six hours per day

Three girls sitting on a surfboard on the beach

Gap Year Package

A gap year is a year before going to college or university or taking a year off before going into graduate school. 

During this time you may engage in non-academic courses, language studies, volunteer work, travel or internships.

Girl showing young plants on a tray

Internships & Minor programs

Obtain study credits, help a local community, give your CV a boost, have a unique experience abroad and learn a new language and culture!

Internships, minor programs and thesis investigations. Fields of interest: psychology, tourism, sports, social work, education, nature, marketing, business, finances and healthcare.  Onstage Latijnsamerika is our sister organization that mediates and guarantees a tailor made internship abroad for you! We offer different packages with Spanish classes & Internships.

Tourist showing a mask in the form of a tucan

Senior program

This package focuses on the needs of people that finished school quite a while ago and are no longer accustomed to the rigors of study. 

If you are a beginner, you are probably interested in learning Spanish for real conversations (for example ordering food in a restaurant) but if you already have a foundation, you might want to focus on grammar, improve you pronunciation, expand your vocabulary to use in different situations and learn about the culture. Fewer class hours per day, more relaxed learning atmosphere, upscale lodging accommodations and tours designed to meet your specific interests are some of the characteristics of this package.



River rafting along the bank of the Pejivalle River

Spanish & Adventure – COSTA RICA

Learn Spanish & enjoy nature in Costa Rica which this package.

Best places and activities of  Turrialba (mountains) and Puerto Viejo (ocean) are included. At both locations you can add other activities for an extra cost or do volunteer work. You can also arrive before or stay afterwards, paying $14 per night for a shared room at our hostel.



Two girls with snorkel gear getting into the sea

Spanish & Adventure – PANAMA

Wow! Learn Spanish & enjoy nature in Panama which this package.

Best places and activities of  Boquete (mountains) and Bocas del Toro (island) are included. At both locations you can add other activities for an extra cost or volunteer work. You can also arrive before or stay afterwards, paying $12 per night for a shared room at our hostel.

Tucan sitting on a branch

Spanish & Birdwatching

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for birdwatching!

Wether you like to walk and chat or to search for that one special bird, we´ll make birdwatching a personal experience for you. Your specific interests are important to us. Two afternoon hikes with a specialized guide is included.  

Scuba diver underwater

Spanish & Dive

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for diving!

In this program you will take any of the PADI dive courses in combination with learning Spanish. What a perfect combination for an educational holiday.  The dive schools organize the courses in many different languages, not just Spanish.

Students crossing old suspension bridge in mountainous forest area

Spanish & Hiking

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for hiking!

Learning Spanish and going on relaxing hikes make the perfect combination for a stress-free, educational experience.  You can dedicate part of the day to learn Spanish and the other part to participate in two half day hikes in the surroundings of our fascinating locations. 

Man on bike in sugarcane fields

Spanish & Mountain Biking

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for mountain biking!

Depending on your level of mountain biking, we will select for you two interesting half day mountain bike trips. We will also show you some variation of scenery. For example you might do one trip in the countryside and one on a nature trail.

Students having fun rafting in Turrialba

Spanish & Rafting

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for whitewater rafting! 

You’ll enjoy one full and one half day of whitewater rafting on two different rivers in the surroundings of our location. Of course we take your rafting experience into account to make sure you have a safe, enjoyable and memorable river journey!

Student in a tent on Gekui RiverCamp

Spanish & River Camp

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for river adventures!

Rafting & Camping on the banks of the Pacuare River, listed in the top 5 of the most scenic rivers in the world,  is an experience that you should not miss! In this package you will have an overnight trip included. From there you return to Turrialba or continue to San Jose or our Location in Puerto Viejo.

Two persons in kayak in a beautiful river

Spanish & River Kayak

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for river kayaking!

This program includes two sessions of kayak instruction on the Pejivalle River (class I –II). You will be introduced to and practice “reading the water”, the “eskimo-roll” and also crossing the river by making “ferries”.

One person climbing and lots of people looking at the wall

Spanish & Rock Climbing

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for rock climbing!

Climbing is very much a physical and mental challenge. The rock is like a puzzle that you solve through body movements and different techniques in order to reach the top. Rock climbing is an extreme sport that involves gymnastic maneuvers using the body’s energy in the most efficient way. Two afternoons of climbing are included in this attractive package.

Two girls in a kayak paddling through mangroves

Spanish & Sea Kayak

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for sea kayaking!

Bocas del Toro is the perfect place to combine learning Spanish and enjoy some sea kayaking in your free time! In this package deal you receive instructions on how to paddle and manouver your kayak as you visit different locations on two afternoons.

Surfer walking down the beach with waves in background

Spanish & Surf

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for surfing!

In this Package you will receive two afternoons of surf classes on Panama’s or Costa Rica’s top surf locations. This will provide you a kickstart to continue practicing surfing on your own, giving you a new life changing hobby.

Yoga on the balcony of Spanish by the River - Turrialba.

Spanish & Yoga

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for yoga!

What a perfect combination, excercising the mind through studying Spanish and relaxing the mind through meditative yoga!

Family of five in front of a Hostel

Spanish for Families

In order for families to study Spanish in Costa Rica & Panama, we can provide complete customized family packages for you. 

We can arrange everything for you, including transportation from the airport to the school. We secure a nanny for your very young children (under 6 years old) and Spanish classes for your older children. We provide family homes to rent, plan adventurous activities and volunteer oppportunities for you and your children. We can make recommendations for your travel in other parts of the country.

Guy sleeping under palm tree with book

Spanish for Relocators

Moving to Panama or Costa Rica? You must learn Spanish to be able to communicate and get things done. 

If you are retiring to Costa Rica or Panama or simply starting a new life, you will want to make friends and feel part of the community.  You will need to ask lots of questions about insurances, car rentals, schools for your children, shipping and moving companies, immigration and visa rules. Just contact us with your questions and we’ll answer them with the knowledge we have aquired.

Three students on a table with study materials

Spanish for Teachers

This package is for teachers of Spanish as a second language who want to brush up and practice the language as they travel abroad to Costa Rica or Panama. 

Sign up together as a small group for a cross-cultural experience at one of our locations and work out customized Spanish immersion with us. Transfer from the airport to the location of your choice, accommodations, social activities (cooking class, latin dance class), authentic community service projects and networking with a local school are possibilities in this package.

Students in front of Panama Canal

Spanish Immersion Program

Some people just want to learn as much Spanish & Culture as possible in a short period of time!

In this package you receive two weeks of intensive Spanish (6 hours in group or 3 hours private), your stay with a host family will include breakfast & dinner.  Along with the free activities from sunday till friday, you’ll have two memorable weekend excursions included. You’ll learn about the local culture from a local guide and this way as you have time to relax your mind.

Girls in front of cascading waterfall

Teens Camp

Hey teens! in June & July we offer camps just for you. Combine Spanish classes, activities and volunteer work in Turrialba & Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica! For teens only. 

Teens we know you are at an exciting, confusing and challenging time in your life. To meet your needs, we have specialized, less structured classes, fun activities, as well as some adventurous excursions. You will have opportunities to practice Spanish, do volunteer work and meet local young people of a similar age. 


Group around a jeep in mountainous area

Travelling Spanish Classroom | 4 Locations

Amazing Spanish Adventure!! FOUR weeks at a different location each week.

This program is designed for students who want to travel and learn Spanish. As you travel, you will share daily activities like shopping and cooking with a Spanish speaking instructor. You will be immersed in a fun and inspiring atmosphere for learning Spanish. To round out the total package, we include our most popular adventures in each location to ensure that you do not miss these unforgettable experiences.

Online Spanish classesCan't travel these days? Learn Spanish from home!

We offer online Spanish classes via  Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout and Zoom. Right now your online Spanish course can be scheduled 24/7.

  • Private and group lessons
  • With certified teachers with more than 10 years experience
  • Request your favorite teacher if you studied with us before!
  • Easy set up and payment via PayPal