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All accommodations

It´s important to stay at comfortable and suitable accommodations while you study Spanish.

At all our locations we have selected the best options with the most affordable prices for you in the following sections:

  • Our Hostel
  • Home stays 
  • Stays with a Local Family 
  • Other Hostels & Hotels 
  • Vacation Rentals

It is not necessary to study Spanish in order to use our selected accommodations.


  • Room for three persons - Turrialba
  • Learn to cook like a local - Turrialba
  • Mi casa, su casa - Turrialba
  • Bedroom of Spanish by the River - Boquete
  • Host mother Turrialba
  • Community kitchen - Bocas
  • Front of Hostel La Posada
  • Panama's Paradise cabin in Saigon - Bocas del Toro
  • Cashew Hill Lodge - Puerto Viejo
  • Hotel Las Olas in Bocas del Toro - Panama
  • Front of the Hostel of Spanish by the River - Boquete
  • Study Spanish in Turrialba, Costa Rica
  • Student at Spanish by the River - Turrialba
  • Spanish by the Sea kitchen
Students and local lady cooking at Spanish by the River - Turrialba

Turrialba: Our hostel

If you like to be independent, yet share with fellow students, we recommend staying in the hostel, part of our Spanish School in Turrialba while you study Spanish in Costa Rica.

There is a charming balcony with lots of hammocks where you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Turrialba volcano and the jungle in front of it. You will see sloth’s, toucans and lots of other birds.  There are shared rooms and private rooms for up to four people, with or whithout private bathrooms.   A fancy loungeroom and a fully equipped kitchen is part of the deal.


Hosting mother, father and son with two students on a couch

Turrialba: Homestays

Living with a local host family is a unique experience that will provide you the opportunity to not only learn the language but also explore the culture of Costa Rica.

Our homestays in Turrialba have been carefully selected and most host families have been working with us for 13 years now! The local families love to share their culture with you. Staying in a costarrican home will allow you to share in the experience of their family traditions, meals, holidays and festivals.

Balcony with hammock and plants in Turrialba

Turrialba: Other hostels & hotels

Maybe our hostel is full or you prefer to stay in town instead of the countryside-jungle setting of our own hostel. Maybe you want a bit or a lot more luxury.

No problem! To make sure you have some more inspiring options, we selected for you one budget hostel, one middle-priced hotel and one luxury hotel in Turrialba or it’s surroundings.



Swimming pool with house in the back

Turrialba: Vacation Rentals

If you need more independence because of your work or if you desire accommodations with only family and friends,  we present the best apartments, homes, cabins, villas and condos.

All vacation rentals are fully furnished and have WiFi. You can reach them easily with your car or use the inexpensive public transportation.


Chairs, books, tv in Puerto Viejo home

Puerto Viejo: Home stays

Staying with local families give you the opportunity to practice the Spanish language much more than if you would only take Spanish classes. You will not only be part of the family but also of the whole neighborhood and you will be observing a complete different way to live than what you are used to!

In Puerto Viejo, the local people have Caribbean roots and are famous for their family ties, great food and welcoming lifestyle!

Colorful lobby of Hotel Guarana

Puerto Viejo: hostels & hotels

Maybe our hostel is full or you prefer to stay in town instead of the countryside-jungle setting of our own hostel. Maybe you want a bit or a lot more luxury.

No problem! To make sure you have some more inspiring options, we selected for you one budget hostel, one middle-priced hotel and one luxury hotel in Puerto Viejo or it’s surroundings.





Puerto Viejo: Vacation Rentals

Sorry! Under construction …

Front of pink house with green vegetation in front

Panama City: The hostel

In Panama City, the hostel that we use to stay while in the City  is called “La Posada 1914” and is perfect for people that like to be independent, cook their own meals and share conversations with fellow travellers. 

The hostel attracts groups and individual travelers that come to the country to do volunteer work. It is very centrally located, adjacent to the Cinta Costera (boulevard) that leads to Casco Viejo and close to nightlife, restaurants and supermarkets.



Outside of a hotel with people in the front sitting

Panama City: Other hostels & hotels

Sometimes our own hostel might be full or you prefer to stay a bit more in the center of the city or in a different sized hostel. Perhaps in one with more luxury.

No problem! We selected for you some budget hostels, middle-priced hotels and one luxury hotel in Panama City.



Panama City: Vacation Rentals

Sorry, under construction!


Front of a building with bicycles and kayaks

Bocas: Our hostel

If you choose to stay at our own hostel, part of our Spanish school in Bocas del Toro, you can be independent, make food, be lazy and alone or interact with fellow travellers.

Our little sanctuary is within walking distance to everything that Bocas Town has to offer,  with the comfort and security of your home away from home! With multiple hammock lounges, big communal kitchen and an open air feel, we have private rooms and rooms that each can be shared by 2, 3 or 4 students.



Caribbean House of Familia Cerezo in Bocas

Bocas: Stays with a local family

Staying with a local family in Bocas del Toro gives you the opportunity to see how local people live and also to chat and interact with the family members.

There are a few small differences between what we call a “home stay” and a “stay with a local family”, one being that in a homestay you get to share more time and activities with the family and another difference is that in the last option, you mostly share the house (not your room) with other students.

Cabins over the water Bocas del Toro

Bocas: Other hostels & hotels

Although our hostel has lots of beds and is centrally located, it is still full sometimes or you might actually want to stay further away from the center of town.

To make sure we offer something for every possible taste, we selected for you one budget hostel, one middle-priced hotel and one luxury hotel in Bocas del Toro.



People hanging out in hammocks and chairs on a tropical balcony

Bocas: Vacation Rentals

If you travel with a group of friends or family, you might want  to live independently from the school and hostel, You will have your private space to rest, cook and study. These homes might be perfect for you!

Students on front patio of school

Boquete: Our hostel

The hostel that forms part of Spanish by the River – Boquete in Alto Boquete is the perfect little retreat to live, study and space to return to after exploring the multitude of outdoor activities of the area.

Our backyard garden, fully equipped communal kitchen, open and welcoming environment and a maximum of ten guests at a time, all help to create a comfortable, relaxed and peaceful place to call home while in Boquete.

Lady and her son in her local kitchen

Boquete: Home stays

A homestay is an essential part of an immersion Spanish course; only by mixing with the local people and having to speak the Spanish language you are going to do it and learn it naturally!

Maybe you are a bit hesitant but you need to know that our families are used to receving foreigners like you in their homes and making them feel comfortable even if you don’t speak Spanish. They will be able to communicate with you!

Hotel room with garden in front Boquete

Boquete: Other hostels & hotels

It can easily happen that our own hostel is full or that you prefer to stay in Bajo Boquete instead of Alto Boquete where we are located. It can also be that you prefer something different, more private or with more luxury.

For this reason we have selected the best options in the area for you in the three categories: budget, middle-class or luxury.

Hang-out area in Boquete Rock Cabin

Boquete: Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals often provide more room and amenities for your travel dollars than a typical hotel. It is also a great option for families or larger groups since you will have more privacy.

We selected the best options for you in Boquete and its surroundings.


Especially for students that want to travel, learn Spanish ánd visit 4 of our amazing locations!

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