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Boquete: Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals often provide more room and amenities for your travel dollars than a typical hotel. It is also a great option for families or larger groups since you will have more privacy.

We selected the best options for you in Boquete and its surroundings.


  • Boquete Stone Cabins - back porch
  • Boquete Rock Cabin
  • Boquete Stone Cabins

You can contact the following hotels yourself or let us do the job for you. If you contact them yourself, we recommend you tell them that Spanish by the River – Boquete referred you to them.

If you can’t find what you prefer, just write us a message explaining exactly what you are looking for and we will do our best to find a good match for you!

STONE CABINS BOQUETE – great for families or friends

Each cabin has two bedrooms, one with a double size bed and another with two single beds. There is an open living and dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, including microwave and fridge. Full screen LCD with cable TV and Free Wifi Internet. Space for up to 5 guests. Spectacular back terrace with breathtaking views right next to a water stream.


Call: +507 720 1750/ 6672 8303

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