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Volunteer Abroad for Free

What are the benefits of Volunteering in Costa Rica or Panama?

  • The perfect opportunity to practice the language in real situations.
  • Learn from and give back to the local community or universal ecology.
  • Strengthen your résumé by serving in an organization related to your field of study.

Volunteer part-time or full-time while you are taking Spanish classes! At all our locations you can volunteer abroad for free if you take Spanish classes or use our accommodations. In other cases we must charge a $50 set up fee.


  • Lazy bear love
  • Volunteer for free in Bocas del Toro
  • Free volunteer opportunities in Bocas del Toro
  • Volunteer with Leatherback turtle.
  • Converse, preserve, and protect - Puerto Viejo
  • Volunteer Work at School in Turrialba
  • Save the monkeys!
  • Free Volunteer work in Local Schools - Turrialba
  • Free Volunteer jobs children's shelter home
  • I love monkeys! - Puerto Viejo
  • Volunteer work with people with a challenge
  • Free Volunteering in Environmental Education
  • Teach English as Volunteer Work
  • Volunteer with horses in Puerto Viejo
  • Preparing turtle hatchery for coming season
  • Organically grown plants
  • Volunteer in Medical Position Boquete
  • Volunteer at the old people's home in Turrialba
People doing manual work sitting at a table

Center for adults with a challenge

Helping adults with a challenge can be an educational and rewarding activity!

Besides working on your (related) Spanish skills, you will also gain valuable insight into the unique healthcare and educational challenges facing Costa Rica and Panama. Furthermore you will also build connections with local professionals and work on improving your résumé.

Speech therapy, special education, social work, physical/exercise therapy and physical education are valuable skills for the local providers.

Girl working totally concentrated

Center for children with a challenge

Working with children with a challenge can be an educational and rewarding activity!

Besides working on your (related) Spanish skills, you will also gain valuable insight into the unique healthcare and educational challenges facing Costa Rica and Panama. Furthermore, you will build connections with local professionals and work on improvement of your résumé.

Speech therapy, special education, social work, physical/exercise therapy and physical education are valuable skills for the local providers.

Foreign volunteer with local indigenous girl

Center for Indigenous people

Doing volunteer work with indigenous people opens your eyes to a different world!

In Costa Rica, indigenous people make up 1.7 % of the total population. In Panama, they make up between 5 and 8 % of the total population. Official discrimination does not exist in these countries, however education, health care and land property are sectors where they are still less favored. These are areas where volunteers can provide needed benefits.

Volunteers posing with dogs

Dog rescue camp

Make the most of your time in Boquete by helping the dogs and the two persons that run this rescue center

Besides working on your (related) Spanish skills, you will also be helping a local initiative to rescue dogs that have been mistreated or abandoned. Taking them to the monthly clinic is also part of the work. This project is perfect for people that maybe don’t have too much time since 1 day dedication is already highly appreciated.

Foreign girl writing on a blackboard in Costa Rican Classroom

English classes for children & adults

Spanish speaking people often have a basic grasp of English grammar, but you can help them improve their pronunciation skills!

By providing conversational English classes you can greatly enhance the learning experience and the future prospects of thousands of children and adults. As you assist with the local curriculum, your students will enjoy learning about you and your culture. You will have the option to volunteer in a school setting or in some other community initiative.


Foreign teacher in classroom with local kids

Environmental Education – Sea Turtles

You can assist in local initiatives to help prevent the extinction of the sea turtle population!

In nature, sea turtles face a host of obstacles to their survival. It is estimated that only 1 in 1000 hatchlings will survive to adulthood. Human intrusions into their natural habitats, such as harvesting for consumption, illegal shell trade, ingestion and entanglement of plastic debris, are a major factor in the decline in population. By helping educate the local population about this issue, you can make a difference.

People riding horses on the beach

Horse Stable

If you are a horse lover, you probably want to spend as much time around horses as possible!

If you enjoy helping out with the day to day care and training of horses, this volunteer opportunity is for you! You will have the chance to learn about horse language, horse personalities and the basics of riding. You will also have the experience of spending time with the horses and having direct access to places of breathtaking beauty!

Woman with wheelbarrel filled with coconuts in garden.

Investigation & Education in the Tropics

This is how you can learn about and help to conserve the rainforest of the world!

Rainforests only cover about 2 % of the total surface of the earth, but in reality, about 50 % of all plants and animals on the earth live in that important ecosystem. Various organizations near our schools undertake investigation and education in the field of tropical ecology and conservation. They open their doors so you can assist with certain tasks in their programs.

European girl with Panamanian doctor in clinic

Medical Clinic

Working as a volunteer in a medical clinic is beneficial for both you and the community!

It will not only help you  build your medical Spanish skills,  but also give you valuable insight into the unique healthcare challenges facing Costa Rica and Panama. You will build connections with healthcare professionals in these countries. Observing doctors working, taking vital signs and joining doctor meetings are just some of the activities that you might get involved in.

Two students with men in wheelchair

Old people’s Home

Working in a nursing home can be life changing experience for various reasons!

Besides practicing Spanish and learning about different therapies, working in a nursing home will put your own problems into perspective. You will learn from the experiences of people who have enjoyed a long life and will see death as much less frightening. You’ll hear another history every day and you will need to slow down and live in the moment. By sharing conversations, helping residents move from one place to another and assisting in physical/occupational therapy, you will be serving the community!

Guy making food on open fire

Organic Farming

It is important and interesting for all of us to learn about Organic Farming!

The American Cancer Society has concluded that about 85 percent of cancers are caused by agricultural toxins such as pesticides. Not strange at all is that more and more people believe that organic food is healthier for our planet and for us. It requires less water, there are fewer toxic pesticides released, soil erosion is minimal and nutrient levels in organic foods are improved. Working in the field, marketing the crops and creating new products are ways you can help as a volunteer.

Volunteers taking care of animals

Rescue Center for Wild Animals

Volunteering in a rescue center for wild animals provides an opportunity to learn about wildlife!

Some wild animals are taken out of their natural habitat by humans in order to use them as pets or with the intention to save them. The rescue center takes care of the rehabilitation and reintroduction of these wild animals into natureMost animals stay for a limited amount of time, until they are ready to return to the wild. Others will not be able to go back to the wild due to their poor physical condition. The center makes sure they have a comfortable and happy life!

Baby turtle on persons footstep

Sea Turtle Conservation

Help with the protection of the sea turtles by educating and improving the living conditions of the local community! 

Conservation and protection is focused on the endangered leatherback and green turtles. The participation of volunteers both contributes directly to protection of the nesting areas and to improvement of living conditions and the education of the local inhabitants. By helping to generate an income for the locals through an affordable volunteer program, the aim is to eliminate the necessity for them to poach the turtles and their eggs.



Children hugging and one with ball in hand

Shelter Home for Children

Orphans, street kids, and other at-risk children in Costa Rica and Panama are in need of love, care, and support!

There are many organizations that provide shelter for these children for short or long periods. We are allowed to provide volunteers in some of these shelters.  Homework assistance, organizing sports, arts and crafts and teaching English are tasks that volunteers can undertake.

Especially for students that want to travel, learn Spanish ánd visit 4 of our amazing locations!

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