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Organic Farming

It is important and interesting for all of us to learn about Organic Farming!

The American Cancer Society has concluded that about 85 percent of cancers are caused by agricultural toxins such as pesticides. Not strange at all is that more and more people believe that organic food is healthier for our planet and for us. It requires less water, there are fewer toxic pesticides released, soil erosion is minimal and nutrient levels in organic foods are improved. Working in the field, marketing the crops and creating new products are ways you can help as a volunteer.

  • Finca Jabalá BRIBRI - Puerto Viejo
  • Pineapple in the garden of Spanish by the River - Boquete
  • John & Lara owners Organic Farm in Turrialba
  • Organically grown plants

Locations for Organic Farming

Organic Farming in Turrialba

Finca Cimarron is a small, family run organic farm located near to Turrialba and owned by an American couple and their five children that all work at the farm. It has been in operation since 2002. All production is both organic and sustainable. They produce 6 different types of lettuce, kale, cilantro, bell peppers, onions, bananas, plantains, yucca and other root types. There are also animals like chickens for eggs and cows for milk production. The owners have 13 years experience in organic & sustainable production in tropical agriculture.

Tasks: Sowing seed, making compost, gardening, planting, weeding, harvesting, packaging, labeling, selling on the local market and helping develop ways to make new products.
Spanish level: Min A1.
Other requirements: Interest in learning about organic growing techniques and an alternative way of life.
Min time of dedication: One week.
Work schedule: 6 hours a day, scheduling with mutual agreement.
When closed: Never.
Internships available: Yes! check: www.onstagelatijnsamerika.com

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