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Horse Stable

If you are a horse lover, you probably want to spend as much time around horses as possible!

If you enjoy helping out with the day to day care and training of horses, this volunteer opportunity is for you! You will have the chance to learn about horse language, horse personalities and the basics of riding. You will also have the experience of spending time with the horses and having direct access to places of breathtaking beauty!

  • Horseback riding on the beach in Puerto Viejo
  • Beach by horseback - Puerto Viejo
  • Caribe horse riding on the beach in Puerto Viejo
  • Volunteer with horses in Puerto Viejo

Locations for Horse Stable

Horse Stable in Puerto Viejo

The Caribe Horse Riding Club is located 6 miles South of Puerto Viejo. The ranch is surrounded by jungle and opens on one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Every day jungle and beach rides can be organized and it is even possible to take a swim in the ocean with the horses! Sixteen horses are kept at the ranch where ´natural horsemanship´ is practiced.

Tasks: You will be assisting with daily care of the horses and barn area (tack cleaning and horse care). Depending on the length of your stay and your previous experience with horses, you can be given more responsibility and you will be able to learn more about caring for horses.
Spanish level: Min A1.
Other requirements: Wear working boots (can be provided at the ranch) and comfortable clothes that may get dirty. You need to pay a fee. There are two packages, one for beginners and one for people with horse experience.
Min time of dedication: Min 2 days per week, during 2 weeks.
Work schedule: 8:30 untill noon, Monday till Friday.
When closed: Never.
Internships available: Yes, directly with them.
Check out: http://www.caribehorse.com/volunteering

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