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Center for children with a challenge

Working with children with a challenge can be an educational and rewarding activity!

Besides working on your (related) Spanish skills, you will also gain valuable insight into the unique healthcare and educational challenges facing Costa Rica and Panama. Furthermore, you will build connections with local professionals and work on improvement of your résumé.

Speech therapy, special education, social work, physical/exercise therapy and physical education are valuable skills for the local providers.

  • Volunteer Work with people with a challenge
  • Sign of Local organization for Special Education

Locations for Center for children with a challenge

Center for children with a challenge in Turrialba

Centro de Educación Especial Álvaro Rojas Quirós: This organization has been established since 1974 and is providing an integrated program for children ranging in age from 0 to 21 years old who are physically and/or mentally handicapped at a moderate or severe degree.

Tasks: Assist teachers and therapists in the field of your specialization.
Spanish Level: Min A2.
Other requirements: Background in fields like psychology, social work, physical therapy, artistic therapy, physical education and musical education.
Min time of dedication: One month.
Work schedule: Mornings and/or afternoons with mutual agreement.
When closed: During all the official school holidays, Semana Santa, the 15 holidays in July and the 3 months holidays from mid-December until mid-February.
Internships available: Yes, check:

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