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Center for Indigenous people

Doing volunteer work with indigenous people opens your eyes to a different world!

In Costa Rica, indigenous people make up 1.7 % of the total population. In Panama, they make up between 5 and 8 % of the total population. Official discrimination does not exist in these countries, however education, health care and land property are sectors where they are still less favored. These are areas where volunteers can provide needed benefits.

  • Volunteer at work at El Puente
  • Facilities of El Puente - Puerto Viejo
  • Volunteer at work with kids at El Puente.

Locations for Center for Indigenous people

Center for Indigenous people in Boquete

Casa Esperanza helps children in different regions of Panama by giving them the opportunity to go to school and by providing nutrition and health care. It’s a non-governmental organization and was founded in 1992. They annually hel[ 3500 kids between the ages of 3 and 17 years old. Casa Esperanza Boquete has about 210 indigenous children (almost all Ngobe Bugle).

When regular school finishes the children are dropped off at Casa Esperanza where they receive lunch after which activities begin. Each age group begins in a different "room" and will rotate every hour. Parents also have the opportunity to follow workshops about nutrition, authority and discipline, violence in the family, sexually transmitted diseases, communicating with your family, among others.

Tasks: Work with children in teaching English, computer science, sports, music and play.
Spanish Level: Min A2.
Other requirements: None..
Min time of dedication: One week.
Work schedule: From 8 am until noun and/or from 1 till 5 pm.
When closed: Saturday and Sunday, all national holidays as well as from about mid December until the end of February. Make sure you check!
Internships available: Not for the moment.

$ 0 - Booking & prices

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Center for Indigenous people in Puerto Viejo

El Puente/The Bridge provides educational support, food aid and microloans mainly to indigenous people in the southeastern part of Costa Rica. The aim is to help people towards self-sufficiency.

Tasks: Giving out a healthy and nutritious food and providing tutoring children that need help with their homework, teaching older people computer use and English. On the days the kitchen is not open, other work can be done such as work on the Internet, help keep the place clean, make decorations for the Christmas and Easter parties, translate books into Spanish and basic maintenance.
Spanish Level: Min A1.
Other requirements: None.
Min time of dedication: One week.
Work schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 8:30 am until noon.
When closed: Never.
Internships available: Not for the moment.

$ 0 - Booking & prices

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