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Sea Turtle Conservation

Help with the protection of the sea turtles by educating and improving the living conditions of the local community! 

Conservation and protection is focused on the endangered leatherback and green turtles. The participation of volunteers both contributes directly to protection of the nesting areas and to improvement of living conditions and the education of the local inhabitants. By helping to generate an income for the locals through an affordable volunteer program, the aim is to eliminate the necessity for them to poach the turtles and their eggs.



  • Preparing turtle hatchery for coming season
  • Volunteers come from all over the world
  • Preparing sand for the hatchery
  • Volunteer with Leatherback turtle.

Locations for Sea Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle Conservation in Puerto Viejo

La Tortuga Feliz offers a turtle conservation program, whose aim is the protection of sea turtles with the help of volunteers. The project is located half a mile north of where the River Pacuare enters the Caribbean Sea, at a beautiful isolated beach. On average, you are with around 15 others at the project. Volunteers come from all over the world and are between the 18 and 65 years old. The work can sometimes be physically demanding.

Tasks: Patrolling beaches for turtles at night (in all weathers), manning the hatchery and caring for recuperating adult turtles in the turtle rescue and rehabilitation center. Involvement with the day to day operational duties of running the project. In the off-season (late November to late February) you help with maintenance of the buildings and preparations for the next season.
Spanish level: Min A1.
Other requirements: Be enthusiastic, physically fit, social and interested in conservation. The project is alcohol and drug free. Minimum age is 18 years old. You pay a fee per night for accommodations and food.
Min time of dedication: 7 nights.
Work schedule: Irregular (shifts are organized throughout the 24 hour day).
When closed: Never.
Internships available: No.

$ 40 - Booking & prices

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