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Dog rescue camp

Make the most of your time in Boquete by helping the dogs and the two persons that run this rescue center

Besides working on your (related) Spanish skills, you will also be helping a local initiative to rescue dogs that have been mistreated or abandoned. Taking them to the monthly clinic is also part of the work. This project is perfect for people that maybe don’t have too much time since 1 day dedication is already highly appreciated.


Locations for Dog rescue camp

Dog rescue camp in Boquete

Tasks: cleaning the garden, feeding and bathing the dogs, playing and walking with them; also basic training can be part of your work. You can also help on the days of the sterilizing clinic with holding them and other tasks.
Spanish level: you can be a total beginner.
Other requirements: like dogs and maybe have some experience with taking care of a few dogs together.
Min time of dedication: 1 day
Work schedule: raining season 9 am till 12 pm - dry season 10 am till 8 pm
When closed: Sundays
Internships available: not yet but when you request it, we create it!

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View our location in Boquete

Dog rescue camp in Boquete

$ - Booking & prices

View our location in Boquete
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