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Investigation & Education in the Tropics

This is how you can learn about and help to conserve the rainforest of the world!

Rainforests only cover about 2 % of the total surface of the earth, but in reality, about 50 % of all plants and animals on the earth live in that important ecosystem. Various organizations near our schools undertake investigation and education in the field of tropical ecology and conservation. They open their doors so you can assist with certain tasks in their programs.

  • Pineapple in the garden of Spanish by the River - Boquete
  • Volunteering in Tropical Agriculture
  • Volunteer Work in Botanical Garden
  • Raw and Natural Beauty - Costa Rica

Locations for Investigation & Education in the Tropics

Investigation & Education in the Tropics in Turrialba

You can volunteer at the well renowned University for Tropical Agriculture: C.A.T.I.E., which stands for Center for Tropical Agronomy Research and Education. It is a private institution and volunteering here can be very interesting, as you will learn about the projects this Center is engaged in, as well as practice your Spanish with employees that don’t speak English fluently.

Tasks: You will help in the greenhouses, seed bank or in the small-scale milk factory. You will do other various tasks like watering plants, counting seeds, weighing calves or simple administrative tasks. You may also help guide tourists through the botanical garden.
Spanish level: Min A2.
Other requirements: Send us your letter of introduction, including copy of your insurance papers, of your passport and résumé. You should go properly dressed which means you should not wear shorts, mini skirts, open shirts nor slippers.
Min time of dedication: One month.
Work schedule: 7 am until 2 pm, Monday through Friday.
When closed: Never.
Internships available: Yes! check: www.onstagelatijnsamerika.com

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