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Travelling Spanish Classroom | 4 Locations

Amazing Spanish Adventure!! FOUR weeks at a different location each week.

This program is designed for students who want to travel and learn Spanish. As you travel, you will share daily activities like shopping and cooking with a Spanish speaking instructor. You will be immersed in a fun and inspiring atmosphere for learning Spanish. To round out the total package, we include our most popular adventures in each location to ensure that you do not miss these unforgettable experiences.

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  • Students visiting a Guna Village on the San Blas trip.
  • Having breakfast in our hostel in Turrialba
  • San Blas Classroom
  • Relaxing ambience at Spanish by the River - Turrialba
  • Relaxing in a hammock in San Blas
  • Level test at the end of the course in Turrialba
  • Spanish Classes in Turrialba
  • Zumba in Spanish
  • Two day raft trip with side hikes - Pacuare
  • Welcome drink in Panama City School
  • Wonders of the underworld
  • Game night in San Blas
  • Kitchen of the Turrialba hostal
  • Night hike to observe insects in Turrialba
Online Spanish classesCan't travel these days? Learn Spanish from home!

We offer online Spanish classes via  Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout and Zoom. Right now your online Spanish course can be scheduled 24/7.

  • Private and group lessons
  • With certified teachers with more than 10 years experience
  • Request your favorite teacher if you studied with us before!
  • Easy set up and payment via PayPal