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Spanish & Mountain Biking

Combine Learning Spanish with your passion for mountain biking!

Depending on your level of mountain biking, we will select for you two interesting half day mountain bike trips. We will also show you some variation of scenery. For example you might do one trip in the countryside and one on a nature trail.

  • Spanish & Mountain biking
  • Mountain biking in sugarcane fields
  • Spanish & Mountain bike
  • Beach cruisin Bocas style
  • Mountain bike adventures - Boquete

Locations for Spanish & Mountain Biking

Spanish & Mountain Biking in Turrialba

One of the two trips will take you through the typical Costa Rican rural scenery and you can choose either to finish at a waterfall or at a swimming pool in Turrialba. The other trip is a down hill ride on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano and ends in Turrialba town.
One hour of learning vocabulary related to biking, the country side, the jungle as well as some useful sentences will be included!

$ 105 - Booking & prices

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