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Historical Sites Visiting

Historical places create connections to our heritage that help us understand our past, appreciate our triumphs, and learn from our mistakes. Historic places help define and distinguish our communities by building a strong sense of identity and are are treasured by local people. As a tourist you should not miss these magical places and the intriguing stories that surround them!



  • Guayabo Archeological Monument
  • Train Station in Panama City
  • Tipical Houses in Colon - Panama
  • Tipical view of house in Colon - Panama
  • Inside of the Jungle Train Panama City to Colón
  • Impression of the streets of Portobelo - Panama
  • Castle in the Province of Colon - Panama
  • Panama City - Colon trip with visit of Portobelo
  • View from Fortress San Lorenzo
  • Train ride next to Panama Canal
  • Touristic Train ride from Panama City to Colon
  • Canons in the San Lorenzo Ruins
  • Panarail Tourism Company Trip to Colon
  • Train trip Panama City to Colon
  • Casco Viejo in Panama City
  • Ruins of Panama Viejo - former Panama City
  • Welcome to Panama!
  • Guayabo Archeological site in Turrialba

Locations for Historical Sites Visiting

Historical Sites Visiting in Turrialba

Guayabo Archeological Monument in Turrialba is Costa Rica's only archeological site; ancient stone carvings of alligators and jaguar gods, ingeniously engineered pre-columbian aqueducts where water still flows, and paved roads receding into a lush rain forest. Basically a half day trip. The park closes at 3:30 pm and is most interesting when visited with a guide that you can find at the entrance of the park and works for tips.

To be paid at the spot: $6 entrance and $10 in total for the guide. Transportation not included.

$ 16 - Booking & prices

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Historical Sites Visiting in Panama City

You make take a train trip from Panama City to the authentic Caribbean village of Colon. Then you may also visit the fortresses of San Lorenzo and Portobelo by taxi and with a guide. You will be amazed by the history of the fortresses on the coast. This is a whole day trip.

$ 130 - Booking & prices

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Historical Sites Visiting in Panama City

Panama Viejo, the remaining part of old Panama City is the oldest European settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas. You will find a very complete museum and large site to have a good stroll and impressive views. This is a half day trip.

$ 20 - Booking & prices

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Historical Sites Visiting in Panama City

Casco Viejo, the new Panama City, was built by the Spaniards after Panama Viejo was destroyed. With its narrow, cobble-stoned streets and colonial buildings, Casco Viejo has a lot to offer from the original colonial wall to beautiful Art Deco building facades. You will have an amazing experience just wandering the vibrant streets!

$ 15 - Booking & prices

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