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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in the past was the only way people travelled through the countryside. It´s a very special activity because not only is it enjoyable, fun and relaxing, but you also get an up-close view of the beautiful natural surroundings.  While riding you can enjoy an abundance of flora and fauna. During a trip of a few hours you will establish a relationship with your horse and make you feel connected with nature!

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  • Explore Turrialba by horseback
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Locations for Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Turrialba

The Turrialba horseback trip is organized in-house with our own horses that are very accustomed to carry people with little riding experience. You will tour through coffee and sugarcane fields, cross streams and also visit an amazing waterfall where you can swim and go down a natural slide. Horseback riding in Turrialba is an activity that you should not miss!

$ 40 - Booking & prices

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Horseback Riding in Puerto Viejo

In Puerto Viejo you have the option to ride on the beach, in the jungle or both! Leave behind worries and stress, hop on a good horse with a comfortable saddle and take a trail that leads you to the most breathtaking pristine beaches of Costa Rica!

$ 50 - Booking & prices

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Horseback Riding in Bocas del Toro

This horseriding tour in Bocas del Toro is operated from a ranch on Isla San Cristobal where
they will take you trekking through beautiful island countryside, surrounded by jungle and stunning vistas. Pickup is organized from Bocas Town at either 10 am or 1 pm. The tour includes 2 hours of riding in the jungle and views of the islands from different overlooks with incredible vistas.

$ 50 - Booking & prices

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Horseback Riding in Boquete

The horseback riding in the hills around Boquete takes place through the trails around the mountains and lowlands of Caldera. Beautiful landscapes, picturesque views of Volcano Baru, streams, canyons and lava rock fields are part of the trip, which will last about two hours.

$ 45 - Booking & prices

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