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Indigenous Reserve

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Indigenous Reserve in Puerto Viejo

This BriBri Indigenous Territory is located just 15 minutes from Puerto Viejo. Although there is no “central” village, you’ll see typical homes, a bird-viewing station, a medicinal plants garden, the iguana project, the cultural center and the scientific center. You can also spend a bit more time and hike to the impressive waterfall or through a private reserve and traditional farm that buffers the Indigenous Territory.

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Indigenous Reserve in Panama City

The Embara tribe, which still lives in traditional villages deep in the rain forest of Panamá, can be visited in a day tour from Panama City. You will travel in a dugout canoe, pass through virgin rain forests and stop at a local waterfall for a quick dip. Traditional music, dancing, medicinal plants and a fascinating presentation about the Embara's history, culture and how they live. A delicious lunch of fresh fish, fried plantains and local fruit makes part of the tour!

$ 150 - Booking & prices

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