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Local Cooking Class

What is a better way to study Spanish than learning all about the food, flavors and how to prepare tasty local dishes? Let’s combine the classroom with the kitchen and not only learn Spanish words for the ingredients and commands like ¡mezcla! but also prepare gallo pinto, arroz con pollo or bananas flambé and make sure you immerse yourself in the culinary culture of Costa Rica or Panama and enjoy some delicious food!


  • Cooking class in session
  • The famous Fish Market - Panama City
  • Community kitchen in Turrialba hostel
  • Learn to cook like a local
  • Learn to cook like a local - Boquete
  • Cooking class! - Turrialba
  • Kitchen of the Turrialba hostal

Locations for Local Cooking Class

Local Cooking Class in Turrialba

In Turrialba we have such a wonderful, fully equipped kitchen that this is the place where we do our cooking classes! Gallo Pinto, arroz con pollo, bananas flambé are just a few of the gourmet dishes that we will be preparing with you!

$ 10 - Booking & prices

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Local Cooking Class in Puerto Viejo

In Puerto Viejo you will be making Caribbean food in our cooking classes which includes: patacones (fried plantains), rondon (stew) and agua de sapo (drink with ginger and lemon) among others of course.

$ 5 - Booking & prices

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Local Cooking Class in Panama City

Since in Panama City we have the fish market, we use fresh fish in the dishes we prepare in the cooking classes; ceviche (fish cooked in lemon) is fun to make and something typical from Central & South America.

$ 10 - Booking & prices

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Local Cooking Class in Bocas del Toro

In Bocas del Toro we prepare all kind of Caribbean and other Panamanian dishes. We like to invite local chefs or other local cooks to show you how to use local fare.

$ 10 - Booking & prices

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Local Cooking Class in Boquete

In Boquete we cook basic Panamanian food with local housewives. Sometimes we cook in their homes and get a window on the culture. We also share with very friendly people and make it a real immersion activity.

$ 10 - Booking & prices

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