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Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain biking will keep you fit, make you breathe fresh air, get you to visit new places and make you become one with nature. Although a lot of roads maybe a bit steeper than you are accustomed to, you will be surprised how many trails we take you that you can easily do!

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Locations for Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain Bike Tour in Turrialba

Turrialba is a biker's paradise with lot's of trails, a moderate climate, many specialized guides and good equipment. We offer all levels of tours from the simplest to the most challenging tours, for example biking to the top of the volcano!

$ 50 - Booking & prices

View our location in Turrialba

Mountain Bike Tour in Boquete

The mountain bike tour in Boquete starts up in the mountains and ends up in the hot springs in Caldera and is really the best and also doable for even the most inexperienced in this sport!

$ 50 - Booking & prices

View our location in Boquete
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