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Dinners & Nightlife

Dinners, parties and going to the local bars and discos are a great way to get to know your fellow students, relax and have some fun. So don’t miss the get-togethers during the week and especially on the weekends! Panama City, Bocas del Toro and Puerto Viejo offer vibrant nightlife every day of the week. In Boquete and Turrialba it is generally more centered around the weekend.

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  • Nightlife in Panama City
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Locations for Dinners & Nightlife

Dinners & Nightlife in Turrialba

Nightlife in Turrialba starts with Thursday night Yoga-Nazca, which is slowly becoming a tradition. You actually don't need to do yoga in order to meet in the bar called "Nazca" that is located around the corner from the yoga studio. Here, the weekend starts on thursday with happy hour cocktails 2 X 1. "Locos" is a new hangout with local craft beers and reggae music. On the weekend there is often live music at various locations. We will keep you updated!

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Dinners & Nightlife in Puerto Viejo

Nightlife in Puerto Viejo is exciting! Live music, good cocktails or a shot of tequila, bonfires on the beach, drum circles at Sunday afternoon, karaoke, salsa and calypso evenings, open jams, reggae nights and roots music with an ocean view and Caribbean vibes.

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Dinners & Nightlife in Panama City

Nightlife in Panama City is really something special. Casco Viejo, Calle Uruguay, Zona Rumba in the Amador Causeway. Also don't forget to visit the 62th floor of the Hard rock hotel on Wednesday night when a live salsa band plays and you can dance your feet off!

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Dinners & Nightlife in Bocas del Toro

There are plenty of options to party in Bocas. The Bocas Brewery provides free beach volleyball and DJ's on the beach. The Aqua Lounge, built entirely over the water has lady's night on Wednesday. The Bookstore has live music every Tuesday. Don't forget La Iguana where you can have fun every night of the week!

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Dinners & Nightlife in Boquete

Nightlife in Boquete is getting better and better. There is Mike's for live music and open mic nights. There is the bar Taboo where you can find great drinking and dancing. Let's not forget Barú restaurant, the place next to the Central Park where you can sit outside every night of the week and sometimes listen to live music! There is also a yearly Jazz Festival that makes a great time to visit Boquete!

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