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White Water Rafting or simply rafting, is a popular outdoor activity which makes use of an inflatable raft to navigate down a river. This sport is adventurous but not dangerous if you are under the supervision of an experienced guide. You will learn the use of safety equipment and the different skills and techniques that you will need to steer the raft properly and enjoy the ride. Rafting is a fun and exhilarating activity that you can only do in places with gradations, therefore Costa Rica & Panama are ideal places to experience the thrill of the river!

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Locations for Rafting

Rafting in Boquete

There are two rafting trips available in Boquete. One trip will take you down some amazingly beautiful stretches, but with a relaxed pace on the Rio Majagua (Class II/III). The other trip offers a little more action. You will go down the Rio Chiriqui, a classic Class III run that offers not only super fun whitewater, but also a side trip to the Caldera Hot Springs!

$ 65 - Booking & prices

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Rafting in Turrialba

There are two rafting trips available in Turrialba. One trip is on the famous Pacuare River and will take you through the primary rain forest. You will experience class III and IV rapids in a raft with a max of 7 people. The other trip is on the Pejivalle River (class I-II). People from all over the world come to Turrialba to go rafting, and it is an essential experience that the student should not miss.

$ 65 - Booking & prices

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