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San Blas Indigenous – Islands Tour

Getting to San Blas is like stepping into another world for a few days! The Guna Indians still live much the same way as their ancestors. They have their comarca within Panama, which means they have an autonomous territory governed by self rule. They make sure large scale tourism is not accepted. Pristine white sand beaches lined with palm trees, turquoise waters, stunning sun sets and a gorgeous underwater world make you want to stay there forever!



  • Wonders of the underworld
  • Living the coconut dream
  • Buenos dias San Blas!
  • San Blas Islands, Panama
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  • Paradise found - San Blas
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  • Experience the San Blas islands
  • Kuna culture -San Blas
  • Relaxing in a hammock in San Blas

Locations for San Blas Indigenous – Islands Tour

San Blas Indigenous – Islands Tour in Panama City

Overnight ISLA FRANKLIN: Although it is possible to visit San Blas in a one day trip, we recommend that you stay at least one or two nights to be able to fully enjoy it! A trip starts in Panama City with a three hour road trip, the last part on winding roads in the mountains. A boat trip of almost an hour will follow. On the island you will get settled in simple cabins on the beach where the floor is white sand. There is no running water but there is a beautiful beach, colorful reef and a volleyball court. Three meals a day and all Guna taxes are included.

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