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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving will give you see a window to a fascinating world seen only by a few. The underwater world is very peaceful and quiet so you can empty your mind and just let yourself be amazed. Scuba diving is not an extreme sport and the only skills you need are being able to swim and … breathe! Due to the unique nature of this sport, a specialized course is required to participate.

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Locations for Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro offers a great range of abundant aquatic life bordering all islands and is recognized worldwide for its biological diversity. Because of the calm conditions and highly competitive pricing, Bocas is among the most ideal places to participate in scuba education! Whether discovering the underwater world for the first time, advancing your existing certification, or simply needing a refresher, this is the place to go diving.

For an "Open Water Course" you pay 380 USD (with 15% discount for our clients 323 USD).

$ 323 - Booking & prices

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