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Snorkeling & Deep boarding

Much simpler than scuba diving, snorkeling is something you can do without much practice and it requires only minimal equipment. Also, you don’t need to be a strong swimmer to be able to see what’s underneath the surface! Something new is deep boarding. With your mask and snorkel on, you’ll be dragged along behind a speedboat on a rope, holding onto a clear plastic semi circle. By tilting the board up or down, you go under the surface or emerge from the water to take your next breath. Just another way to enjoy the underwater world!

  • Snorkelling in San Blas
  • Extreme snorkelling! - Bocas
  • Under the sea tour - Zapatilla - Bocas

Locations for Snorkeling & Deep boarding

Snorkeling & Deep boarding in Puerto Viejo

Parque Nacional Cahuita has the largest system of coral reefs in Costa Rica, including six species of coral, a wide range of colorful tropical fishes. An occasional encounter of a harmless reef shark or sting ray is possible. A scenic boat ride of twenty minutes will be followed by two snorkeling sessions. A delicious fruit and snacks break at the beach and a one hour guided hike in this wonderful coastal forest is part of the tour. Monkeys, sloths, birds, poison dart frogs, iguanas and other interesting encounters are common.

$ 55 - Booking & prices

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Snorkeling & Deep boarding in Bocas del Toro

In Bocas del Toro we organize half day snorkel trips to different places. At hospital point you can snorkel next to an underwater wall. At the playground there are all kinds of coral and small reef fishes. The deep boarding is part of a full day trip which includes visiting dolphin bay, sloth's island and Zapatillas island, where we do the deep boarding. There we have lunch and enjoy an unforgettable day on the beach!

$ 45 - Booking & prices

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