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Surfing is a highly addictive water sport and one of the most popular boardsports ever invented. There are over 20 million surfers in the world and the number is growing fast. Riding a wave is a breath taking experience that compels the surfer to forget about the daily struggles and reconnect with the present moment. The connection to the ocean and its elements, coupled with the mental, physical and often times spiritual aspects of the sport, lends itself naturally to healthy living. This, and the virtuous blend of salt, sand and sun have without a doubt a positive impact on the overall happiness of the surfer.


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  • Surf Lessons in Bocas del Toro
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  • Learn to Surf in Puerto Viejo
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Locations for Surfing

Surfing in Puerto Viejo

The surf classes in Puerto Viejo last about 3 hours and include a theory class, a bilingual certified teacher and a surfboard. Transport is either not necessary or should be paid for separately.

$ 60 - Booking & prices

View our location in Puerto Viejo

Surfing in Bocas del Toro

Surf Lessons Half Day (Min. 2) 49.00 USD
Surf Lessons Full Day (Min. 2) 89.00 USD

Board rental 20 USD / day

$ 49 - Booking & prices

View our location in Bocas del Toro