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Why Learn Spanish?

Define your objectives: Why you want to learn Spanish …

Since you are reading this blog it is unlikely anyone needs to tell you why you should learn Spanish.  At some point you felt it necessary to learn Spanish.  Still, you may wish to define the “why” it is important before you seek the right Language Learning Situation (I will use the term LLS) throughout this blog).

There are lots of different reasons to learn Spanish.  One very common reason is that you plan to travel or re-locate to a Spanish speaking country and you want to be able to communicate with the local people.  Another common reason could be that you wish to travel to a Spanish speaking country to do short term volunteer work or an internship.  Perhaps you just want to visit to experience a different culture and lifestyle. Some people live in a non-Spanish speaking country that has a growing Spanish speaking population and they wish to establish communication skills with their new neighbors.  They may also be in a profession such as medicine or business and they need the skill to communicate with Spanish speaking patients or clients.  Of course, you may be required to learn Spanish as a part of your educational program or just want the pleasure of learning a new language.

Whatever your reason, it is good to realize why you want to learn Spanish since that will be a key factor for you and your instructor to consider when seeking the right LLS for you.  The LLS will provide the best location, instructor, skills you seek and materials needed.  It will also provide input to the best social contexts, methods and activities.

For example, a student who wants to learn Spanish in one or two weeks before making a trip to Guatemala should seek an LLS in Guatemala.  A midwife wo works in the USA and wants to learn Spanish to better communicate with mothers in labor would probably not want an LLS that emphasizes Spanish writing skills.  If you are young and very active you would not want to choose an LLS in which you spend hours on end in a classroom doing “fil in the blank” exercises. It is obvious that no LLS is perfect for everyone.  Your time and money should not be wasted by choosing an LLS in which your learning objectives would not be met. Remember, since language schools are unable to offer specialized courses and teachers at a low cost, choosing the right LLS for you will save both time and financial resources.

I hope this blog has raised your interest level in reading my next post which will be about what makes a student a good learner which tells us what research has shown about the characteristics that are common in most good learners.

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