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Online Spanish Classes

If you want to learn Spanish from anywhere, when you have time: why not learn Spanish online? Online we only offer private lessons.

PRICES per person, per hour (55 min)

  • $236 (10 hrs) $461 (20 hrs) $660 (30 hrs) $850 (40 hrs) + IVA (2% in Costa Rica, 7% in Panama)



  • Spanish lessons via Skype
  • Study Spanish with us!
  • Online Spanish Classes

Looking for virtual/ online Spanish lessons?

Learn Spanish online and invest your time well! Our certified teachers are native speakers and have at least 10 years experience teaching Spanish. If you have already studied at our schools, you can request your favorite teacher for your classes online.

Our online Spanish courses offer private lessons that will be tailored to your needs, interests, learning style, learning pace and schedule. You will also have the time and flexibility to connect from your home or office around the world.

At the end of each class, your teacher sends you homework tasks for the following class. It can be a text to read, a song to translate or something to write. We use authentic materials to complement the texts we use to explain and exercise grammar structures and new vocabulary. When you start your course, you receive a WhatsApp number where 10 hours a day, a teacher will be available to answer your questions related to your Spanish online course.


How does it work? 

STEP 1: First of all you fill in a short form on our website.

You choose Private classes or Group classes. If you choose private classes, you receive right away the option to pay with PayPal for 4 or more private lessons. If you choose group classes, you cannot pay right away cause we first need to form groups. Once the group is formed, you receive an invitation for payment.

STEP 2: You receive on email from us.

We ask you  two questions: 1) When would you like to have your first (free 30 minutes) intake meeting for level evaluation and learning about your objectives and interests? 2)What is your current location?

STEP 3: (Free) intake meeting and scheduling first class.

After your free intake meeting we send you a homework assignment and schedule your first class. You also will receive a WhatsApp number where a language teacher is 10 hours per day available to answer questions about grammar, vocabulary, learning and to make sure you keep going! We also love to hear any feedback from you so we can keep improving our online Spanish program!

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We prefer to use Zoom (you don’t need to have an account yourself, we can just send you an invitation and you can join us).

Contact us on WhatsApp: +507 6931 1214 or info@spanishatlocations.com