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Spanish & Volunteer in Turrialba – Costa Rica

General Description:

The St. Francis Emmaus Center is part of St. Bryce Missions Love in Action programming in Costa Rica. The center provides a safe, comfortable place for Cabecar mothers, who must journey long hours on foot to have access to medical care, in the days just before and after the birth of a child or in the event of the hospitalization of a child. Additionally, the St. Francis Emmaus Center provides health education workshops and resources for Cabecar mothers.

Possible activities

Your job will start at 2 pm in the afternoon. You first will be presented to the ladies present at the hostel since some changes might have taken place during the night and morning. As a intern you are expected to prepare and give educational talks and workshops for them about:

  • childcare
  • preparation for birth
  • birth control
  • breastfeeding
  • women’s rights
  • domestic violence
  • nutrition

You can teach by giving talks but also in a more organic way, during your interaction with them. Also you can help out with the program for the little children (play, paint, teach them healthy habits like tooth brushing), help preparing dinner, make the beds, talk to the mothers (there is a high percentage of teen mothers), hold babies while mothers can do something else they need to do and accompany the women on their hospital visits. These activities make it easier to gain trust and start a conversation with the women.


The shelter is open 7 days a week, every day of the year. There are 16 beds available.  You can help with preparing afternoon coffee, bread and dinner. You can also share this food with the users of the hostel. A table with computer is available for your use.