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The teaching method.. what to take into account?

The method a school chooses for its students to learn Spanish should be based on its theory about how people learn foreign and second languages. Although learners vary in learning styles (which means: they all use different strategies), we strongly believe that for you to learn Spanish, there are three essential conditions that we need to meet.

Students should be:

• provided with exposure to the target language (written and spoken input: texts, conversations, etc.),
• provided opportunities to use the target language in real communication (use of the language to do things),
• are motivated to engage in the learning process (to listen, read, speak and write the language).

In order to meet these conditions, we adopt a certain approach (theory behind the method that you apply), a certain method (series of steps to acquire a certain knowledge) and certain materials (materials, particularly written, to support teaching, including textbooks, printouts, and handouts).

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