TRAVEL during Covid-19 updates and some exciting news as well!

Travel to Costa Rica & Panama in Covid-19 time


The government of Costa Rica has taken the corona virus, since the beginning of the pandemie, very seriously. The death rate in Costa Rica has been among the lowest in the world. The health care system in Costa Rica is very solid and well-organized and -prepared.

Travel requirements Costa Rica

It is not necessary to show a negative Covid-19 test upon entering Costa Rica, but it is important to have an approved health insurance, covering your accommodations in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID-19 illness. An explanation of one’s travel insurance coverage, addressing Costa Rica’s requirements, must be uploaded or entered in the HEALTH PASS in order to be viewed and approved by the Costa Rican authorities. Here you find more information about the travel requirements for Costa Rica.

Before your arrival at the airport, you need to fill in a Health Pass and you will receive a QR code that you will need to show on your phone or printed out upon arrival in Costa Rica.

How to behave during Covid-19 in Costa Rica

There are clear guidelines about what is possible and what not. You need to be aware about when you can visit the beaches (at the time of this writing you can’t be at the beach after 2:30 pm), about the restrictions with respect to driving (you can go around them as a tourist but you need to have the reservation of your hotel with you). At this website you can find a lot of information about all the restrictions.


Travel requirements Panama

The Government of Panama requires a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or Antigen) within 48 hours prior to your arrival in Panama. If a PCR test cannot be obtained before traveling to Panama, you can have a test carried out at the airport for USD $50.00. It takes only 30 minutes. You need to fill in a Health Pass before your arrivaerel at the airport.

There are no special requirements with respect to your travel insurance. Even better: you are entitled to use the same Health services they offer the Panamanians.

How to behave during Covid-19 in Panama

There are clear guidelines to safeguard your safety during your travel in Panama. The best source is this official website about Tourism in Panama.



Reservations policy: you can make your reservation and receive a confirmation from us without any commitment, no payment is needed by then. You can pay when actually being in the country and starting the course! This way there is no risk of loosing your money!

Break-off policy: in case of a break off during a program that has already started, a Hope voucher will be issued for both accommodations, Spanish classes and other services like Dive- and Surf courses. This voucher will be valid during 24 months from the moment of starting the program and is also transferable to another person that had not yet made a reservation with us at the moment that you started your program.urance and even better news: you can access the Panamanian public healthcare system on the same terms as Panamanians.

Payment methods: cash, paypal, Tab.Travel or bank transfer.


Now the exciting news!

Your travel in 2021 can be different than before, more meaningful so to say. Meaningful for yourself cause it enriches your life, for example through making your own life better by discovering and learning new things about the world and yourself. But also cause you do something good for the world, for our planet, the only one we have.

By making a Booking for Spanish classes at our website, 2.5% of your tuition fee for the Spanish course, will be destined to a promising project in Bocas del Toro. Here you can read everything about it. Do something good and feel good. Study for our Planet. By studying us with us, you support this project.