What makes a student a “good learner”?

In this article I would like to point out the conclusions of various investigations that have been done to find out what kind of strategies, techniques and activities help a person to learn efficiently. The general conclusion is that a good learner does not necessarily have a high IQ level, but is active and just…

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Welcome to this blog!

I will be doing my utmost to inform you about learning Spanish. Why, how, when, where, and with whom you can learn Spanish are just a few questions that I will be addressing. Anyway, ¡bienvenidos!,/ welcome!   Ins Lommers

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What can you do to stay motivated while learning Spanish?

Some students, especially when they are not learning Spanish in an immersion situation (learning while living in a Spanish speaking environment), lose motivation and enthusiasm. What can they do to become motivated and enthusiastic again? I will list a few ideas to maintain your motivation: 1. Change the language in you email account to Spanish….

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PADI Open Water or ‘Advanced Cert’ on the Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro:
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