Why Learn Spanish?

Define your objectives: Why you want to learn Spanish … Since you are reading this blog it is unlikely anyone needs to tell you why you should learn Spanish.  At some point you felt it necessary to learn Spanish.  Still, you may wish to define the “why” it is important before you seek the right…

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Welcome to this blog!

I will be doing my utmost to inform you about learning Spanish. Why, how, when, where, and with whom you can learn Spanish are just a few questions that I will be addressing. Anyway, ¡bienvenidos!,/ welcome!   Ins Lommers

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What can you do to stay motivated while learning Spanish?

Some students, especially when they are not learning Spanish in an immersion situation (learning while living in a Spanish speaking environment), lose motivation and enthusiasm. What can they do to become motivated and enthusiastic again? I will list a few ideas to maintain your motivation: 1. Change the language in you email account to Spanish….

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White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica:
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PADI Open Water or ‘Advanced Cert’ on the Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro:
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Especially for students that want to travel, learn Spanish ánd visit 4 of our amazing locations!

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