Boquete, panama

Boquete, with its alluring Caldera river flowing through its center, is an idyllic small town nestled in the Chiriqui highlands with a tropical but cooler climate.

Boquete is famous for high quality coffee production. In the surrounding area you find immense tropical forests, waterfalls,  running rivers, hotsprings and natural rock formations. The Baru volcano, with an elevation of almost 3.500 meters, is the highest point in the country. A true paradise for active eco-tourists that also want to learn Spanish!


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Relaxing in lush green surroundings

Spanish by the River – Boquete, one of our three schools in Panama, is located in the Chiriquí Highlands. In 2005, the school was founded in “Alto Boquete,” 5 minutes before downtown. You can relax in the garden or in the hammocks while studying or catching a sunset over Volcán Baru.  In town you can find all the amenities necessary: hotels, apartments, supermarkets, organic foods, coffee shops, gyms, yoga classes, spas and massages, discos and dive bars. Boquete is recently becoming famous for its live music and funky venues.

The School & Hostel has accommodations for 10 guests. There are 3 teaching stations and and an office with two computers for student use. Wifi can be found in the office, the hostel as well as all the surroundings.

Who likes to study at Spanish by the River – Boquete?

Nature lovers, ecotourists, mountain folk, wanderers, extreme sports enthusiasts and the serious student will love Boquete for the relaxing learning environment and the rich outdoor culture of the town.

So why Boquete?

  • Breathtaking mountains, stunning rainforests and amazing cloud forests.
  • Small, safe, beautiful and inexpensive town with very friendly people.
  • Tons of options for ecotourism to combine relax, adventure and learning.
  • Best place to learn, tour, and sample world renowned coffee.
  • World class hotels and restaurants.
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All options for this location

Students in classes with Teache

Intensive Spanish Course

If you want to learn faster:

  • 6 hours of group lessons* per day/ 5 days per week
  • max 6 students per class
  • morning (8 till 12) or afternoon (1 till 5) + evening sessions (5 till 7) 

*When only one student with this level: 3 hrs private (same price).


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Three students on a table with study materials

Standard Spanish Course

What most students choose:

  • 4 hours of group lessons* per day/ 5 days per week
  • max 6 students per class
  • morning (8 till 12) or afternoon (1 till 5) sessions

*When only one student with this level: 2 hrs private (same price).


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Hang-out area in Boquete Rock Cabin

Boquete: Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals often provide more room and amenities for your travel dollars than a typical hotel. It is also a great option for families or larger groups since you will have more privacy.

We selected the best options for you in Boquete and its surroundings.


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Hotel room with garden in front Boquete

Boquete: Other hostels & hotels

It can easily happen that our own hostel is full or that you prefer to stay in Bajo Boquete instead of Alto Boquete where we are located. It can also be that you prefer something different, more private or with more luxury.

For this reason we have selected the best options in the area for you in the three categories: budget, middle-class or luxury.

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Lady and her son in her local kitchen

Boquete: Home stays

A homestay is an essential part of an immersion Spanish course; only by mixing with the local people and having to speak the Spanish language you are going to do it and learn it naturally!

Maybe you are a bit hesitant but you need to know that our families are used to receving foreigners like you in their homes and making them feel comfortable even if you don’t speak Spanish. They will be able to communicate with you!

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Students on front patio of school

Boquete: Our hostel

The hostel that forms part of Spanish by the River – Boquete in Alto Boquete is the perfect little retreat to live, study and space to return to after exploring the multitude of outdoor activities of the area.

Our backyard garden, fully equipped communal kitchen, open and welcoming environment and a maximum of ten guests at a time, all help to create a comfortable, relaxed and peaceful place to call home while in Boquete.

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Especially for students that want to travel, learn Spanish ánd visit 4 of our amazing locations!

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